The Disney Way

✓ Not all visionaries are leaders but all leaders are visionaries.
✓ Leadership: The heart of a servant or just a boss?
✓ See obstacles and challenges as opportunities.
✓ Great leaders are people of integrity. They are honest and true.



The Power of Unreasonable Expectations

✓ How being unreasonable when faced with adversity can result in triumph.
✓ How unreasonable customer service will positively affect your bottom line.
✓ How changing your mindset about "reasonable" sales results can grow your business.
✓ How to have unreasonable expectations in your personal and career relationships so that you can live life to the fullest.

How to Have a Good Day All Day Everyday

✓ How your self-talk shapes your moods, your life, your future and your destiny.
✓ How to have positive habit patterns so you can always look on the bright side of life.
✓ How passionate change with positive expectations is the fuel
of life.



Make More Sales
Everybody's a Salesperson

✓ The Ultimate Objection Handling Tool
✓ 27 Powerful Closes to help you Make More Sales
✓ Characteristics of a Great Salesperson
✓ The Power of Three for Sales



Brian Tracy
Speaker, Coach & Author
Brian Tracy International

"I have worked extensively with Michael and would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to increase their sales dramatically and achieve their dreams and goals faster."

Nigel Harry
Licenced Estate Agent
Chesterton & Co Real Estate

"Michael's dynamic delivery and inspiring content has contributed in no small way to me attaining Platinum sales status in my group.

His knowledge and experience together with the captivating manner in which he conveys it is invaluable!"


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