Book: The Power of
Unreasonable Expectations

✓ Michael Kies shares his unique perspective on how being. unreasonable can promote growth
✓ The book begins with the story of the time when Michael, as a child, saved his fathers life.
✓ Michael shares the lessons he has learned throughout his life.

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Michael's Story

Michael shares how he went from near bankruptcy to success.

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Audio CD: Entrepreneurship
The Disney Way

✓ Michael Kies shares the inspirational story of Walt Disneys unwaivering belief.
✓ Themes of loyalty, devotion, and hard work are weaved into a truly inspirational presentation


Michael shares how a life lesson in persistence early on in his life has shaped his success.

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5 CD Audio Boxset:
Make More Sales

Everybody's a Salesperson

✓ The Ultimate Objection Handling Tool
✓ 27 Powerful Closes to help you Make More Sales
✓ Characteristics of a Great Salesperson
✓ The Power of Three for Sales

Recorded at the Make More Sales Seminar in Melbourne 2012

Smile Check

Michael shares the 'The Smile Check' principle and how a pep talk at Disneyland has become a family tradition.

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Brian Tracy
Speaker, Coach & Author
Brian Tracy International

"I have worked extensively with Michael and would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to increase their sales dramatically and achieve their dreams and goals faster."

Nigel Harry
Licenced Estate Agent
Chesterton & Co Real Estate

"Michael's dynamic delivery and inspiring content has contributed in no small way to me attaining Platinum sales status in my group.

His knowledge and experience together with the captivating manner in which he conveys it is invaluable!"


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