18.06.2013.Persevere, invest in yourself and prosper!

At the age of eleven I learnt the lesson of perseverance. I was left holding the hand of my father who was hanging lifeless in a wine tank having been overcome by fumes for what was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.

Eventually, help returned and my father was successfully rescued from the tank and went on to live a full life. Have you ever felt like letting go in your career? In 1988 I was reminded of the strength it takes to hold on, when I hadn't made a sale in 7 long weeks. I nearly let go!

On the day I wrote my resignation letter, a flyer arrived for a seminar on how to sell real estate. I remembered myself as a child just holding on, and decided that I would spend $95 out of our family's last $1000 to attend the seminar.

On the day of the seminar I spent $700 of our family's last $900 on tapes and learning materials. Perseverance once again paid off and I went on to sell 19 houses in the very next month. I went on to be honoured with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry not only in Australia but also internationally.

The economy is tough at the moment, but if you persevere and invest in yourself you will prosper. Through attending hundreds of seminars and reading thousands of books, I have acquired the knowledge to help you to become a success.

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